Jonathan Colby (USA)

Danny Peacock (UK)

Technical Officer: 
Charles Jacquemart

Canadian Mirror Committee (SMC to TC114)

Ryan Nicoll – Chair

Bill Rawlings – Vice Chair

Nicholas Fyffe – Vice Chair

Melanie Austin

Scott Baker

Scott Beatty

Gouri Bhuyan

Amir Birjandi

Marcel Boridy

Andrew Cornett

Julien Cousineau

Gregory Decker

Mo El Hawary 

Joe Fitzharris

Italo Franchini

Richard Grant

Clayton Hiles

Joe Hood 

Jinxing Huang

Richard Karsten

Voytek Klatocz

Sue Molloy

Ghanashyam Ranjitkar

Russell Stothers

Muktha Tumkur

Fabian Wolk

Phil Wong

Canadian Shadow Committee

Besides members of the overall Canadian Mirror Committee, technical practitioners have also been asked to provide support to Canadian representatives in project teams specific to their areas of expertise as Canadian Shadow Committee Members.  These are identified in the section on individual project teams.