Marine Renewable Energy Technology Roadmap

The Marine Renewable Energy Technology Roadmap (MRE TRM) is a collaborative process that will determine how Canada can maximize the global opportunities presented by the Marine Renewable Energy sector. The overall Steering Committee has developed a series of objectives to help guide discussions and develop answers to the question above. These objectives are summarized as follows:

  • Determine the key technologies
  • Define development time lines and targets
  • Identify key knowledge gaps
  • Design strategies for advancing technologies
  • Consider industry challenges and opportunities (to accelerate the deployment of marine energy technologies)
  • Prioritize Canadian research activities  (in accordance to the timelines, challenges and targets)

The MRE TRM is a Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) based initiative that has been undertaken with broad support from a number of key federal government departments including Industry Canada and Finance.  NRCan have assigned staff to support this process and together with an industry Chair, forms the secretariat. A steering committee, composed of industry experts, has been formed to develop the initial objectives and vision and to help guide the process. An external consultant has also been retained to facilitate the workshops and document the process.

The bulk of the research for the MRE TRM will be done through three workshops with the first one planned for Halifax in the first quarter of 2011, the second one in Montreal towards the end of the first quarter of 2011 and the final one in Vancouver the second quarter of 2011. Attendance to these workshops will be by invitation only.

The draft report will be prepared through the summer of 2011 and results will be handed over to an Implementation Committee (Industry led) in the late summer of 2011.

Draft Vision: Canada’s MRE Sector defines and leads the global market in delivering clean wave, tidal and river current energy production solutions, systems and services.  Levering our strengths and building on a national foundation competitive energy production, Canada’s success will be based on:

  • Greater than 75 MW installed by Canadian industry by 2016.
  • Greater than 50% of global market.
  • Greater than 2,000 MW installed by Canadian industry by 2030.
  • Greater than $2 Billion in annual economic value to Canada in 2030


  • Start in Nov. 2010
  • Workshop 1 in February in Halifax
  • Workshop 2 in March in Montreal
  • Workshop 3 in May in Victoria
  • Draft report for review in June
  • Final draft and hand off to Implementation Committee in August

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