Research Projects

The Canadian marine renewable energy industry has made significant progress in the advancement of marine energy technology research and commercialization in Canada. A key requirement for such advances is the development of International Standards for Marine Energy – Wave, Tidal and other Water Current Energy Converters in order for developers, investors, suppliers and prospective end users to gain confidence and the necessary accreditation to accelerate acceptance and deployment. Since its inception in 2007, Canada has played a leading and active role in the International Electrotechnical Commission Technical Committee 114 (IEC/TC114) which is the international standards organization for marine energy.

To ensure that Canada maintains this leading role, it is critical that Canadians engage in research activities which will accelerate the development and adoption of applicable codes and standards and also ensure that Canadian strategic interests are well represented in the international process. 

From 2013 to 2016, eleven (11) research projects have been undertaken. To view details and final reports of these research, please visit the below links/pages:

Research Projects 2015-16

Research Projects 2014-15

Research Projects 2013-14