Tidal Energy Resources

AHG 7 Assessment of information received on IEC TS 62600-201 Tidal energy resource assessment and characterization

Objective:This Technical Specification (TS) will establish a system for estimating, measuring, analysing and reporting tidal current energy resources in oceanic areas including estuaries (to the limit of tidal influence) that are potentially suitable for the installation of arrays of Tidal Energy Converters (TECs’). It is intended to be applied at various stages of a project’s life cycle to provide suitably accurate estimates of the tidal resource. This will enable the potential future annual energy production to be calculated in conjunction with the IEC’s Power Performance Assessment of Electricity Producing Tidal Energy Converters Technical Specification (62600-200).

This TS will provide methodologies for evaluating velocity profile distributions in order to calculate Annual Energy Production (AEP) estimates, for the feasibility and layout design stages of tidal energy projects. It will include the following:

• Definition of project stages and resource analysis requirements
• Recommendations for field data collection
• Recommendations on computer model development and verification, and data output formats
• A framework for data analysis, results presentation and reporting
• Guidance on the calculation of the AEP for single TECs’ and arrays
• Guidelines for current profile measurements

Exclusions to the scope of the TS are as follows:
• Aspects of the resource required to evaluate design loads or to satisfy environmental regulations

Project Leader
Andy Baldock (UK) 


Stuart Baird (United Kingdom)
Cuan Boake (Ireland)
Claire Cohen (United Kingdom)
Roisin  Fahey (United Kingdom)
Andrew Good (Ireland)
Kevin Haas (US)
Jenny Hanafin (Ireland)
Magnus Harrold (United Kingdom)
Gregorio Iglesias (Spain)
Chul Jo (Korea)
Richard Karsten (Canada)
Tim Mundon (US)
Simon Neill (United Kingdom)
Fabian Wolk (Canada)
Tiantian Zhang (China)
Jisheng Zhang (China)

Current Status

TS document has been published and is available through the IEC webpage

Upcoming activities
Ad-hoc committee for document maintenance will be formed