Power Performance Assessment of River Energy Converters

PT 62600 – 300: Power Performance Assessment of Electricity Producing River Energy Converters (REC)


The objective of this technical specification (TS) is to develop a transparent, unambiguous, consistent and meaningful assessments of the performance of RECs. This will cover a systematic methodology for evaluating REC power and energy performance. This will enable the performance of devices to be effectively validated and, consequently, enable government, industry and the finance/investment community to form evidence-based judgements on the commercial prospects of the technologies being demonstrated. To ensure that the performance of different devices is assessed on a consistent basis, an explicit written TS/Standard is a necessity.

This TS will establish general principals for assessing the power production performance of RECs’ when deployed in river environment. It will include the definition of rated power and rated water velocity; a methodology for production of power curves for REC; a process to estimate electricity production from the river current at a prospective site where river current resource information of sufficient detail and quality exists and the development of a framework to report on results. Device performance will be characterised using (but not be limited to) a measured power curve, measured annual energy production and a continuous record of operational status. It is applicable to RECs’ which generate electricity using the kinetic energy of the water/river current in order to deliver that electricity to the onshore grid by means of a cable connection. It will be applicable to both floating and bottom mounted RECs’ and operating in all river resource zones.

Project Leader
Sue Molloy (Canada)

Jan Bert de Hoop (Netherlands)
J.G. A. Bitter (New Zealand)

Erik Friis-Madsen (Denmark)
Cathy Hancock (New Zealand)
Levi Kilcher (US)

Bill Rawlings (Canada)
Kodo Sektani (New Zealand)

Ralf Starzmann (Denmark)
Karin Thomas (Sweden)

Current Status
–    Presented as a proposed new work item (NWIP) at the IEC/TC114 Plenary meeting in Oct, 2012 in Norway and decision was made to set up AHG2: “The remit of the Ad Hoc Group shall be to investigate whether a TC114 deliverable should be developed in the field of power performance assessment of electricity producing river current energy converters, and if so, the schedule and scope of the deliverable.”
–    First conference meeting took place on March 27, 2013, followed by calls in April and May
–    Draft TS 62600-200 for river current energy converters prepared for review

Target Date
Transform to a project team (PT) by mid 2013 or 2014

–    River resource assessment and characterization process will have significant impact on content developed for this proposed TS
–    AHG2 to recommend setting up River Resources Assessment and Characterization PT in advance of transforming AHG2 to a PT.

Upcoming Activities
–    AHG2 update presentation in the IEC/TC114 plenary meeting in 27-31 May 2013 in Japan
–    4th conference call meeting on 20 June, 2013