Guidelines for Early Stage Development of Wave Energy Converters

Guidelines for Early Stage Development of Wave Energy Converters

This Technical Specification (TS) is intended to provide guidelines, best practices and recommended procedures for the testing of pre-prototype scale devices of wave energy converters.


The TS will describe the minimum test programme for each stage, including pre-requisites, goals and a sample minimum test plan such as


  • Pre-requisites include preceding work, such as drawings, site data and other inputs to the test programme;
  • Test Goals specify accuracy and range of wave conditions, physical properties to monitor, analysis to conduct and results to present;
  • Test Planning summarizes a sample schedule and durations for a set of baseline activities.
  • Stage gate criteria for evaluating WEC behaviour and performance


The scope will also include a method for addressing limitations and accuracy of raw data and guidance on sensors and DAQ packages.


The TS will not include complete device specific test plans nor full scale prototype tests.

Project Leader
Brian Holmes (Ireland)

Renée Boileau (Canada)
Diana Bull (USA)
Arnold A Fontaine (USA)
Gregorio Iglesias (Spain)
Tomoki Ikoma (Japan)
Youngpyo Kim (Korea);
Jens Peter Kofoed (Denmark)
Kim Nielsen (Denmark)
Remy Claude René Pascal (Spain)
Johannes Spinneken (UK)

Current Status
Committee Draft (CD) in progress

Target Date


Upcoming Activities
1st meeting July 10-11 2013 at Sandia Lab in New Mexico