Tidal Energy Converters Performance

Ad Hoc Group 4 (AHG4): Power Performance Assessment of Electricity Producing Tidal Energy Converters

Objective: This Technical Specification (TS) is intended to cover the power and energy performance of tidal current energy converters (TECs) that produce electricity for utility scale or localised grids.

Scope: This Technical Specification will provide a systematic methodology for evaluating the TEC’s power performance.  This will include the following:

  • A definition of rated power and rated water velocity;
  • A methodology for the production of the power curves for the TECs in consideration;
  • A process for the calculation of the electricity production (supplemented by an assessment of uncertainty sources and their combined effects) of a TEC at a prospective site where tidal power resource information of sufficient detail and quality exists;
  • A framework for the reporting of the results.

Exclusions to the scope of the Technical Specification are as follows:

  • Tidal Energy Converters (TECs) that provide forms of energy other than electrical energy unless the other form is an intermediary step that is converted into electricity by the TEC;
  • Resource Assessment. This is carried out in the Tidal Energy Resource Characterization and Assessment Technical Specification (62600-3-2);
  • Scaling of any measured or derived results;
  • Power quality issues;
  • Any type of performance other than power and energy performance;
  • The combined effect of multiple TEC arrays.

Project Leader
Henry Jeffrey (UK)

Ray Alcorn (Ireland)

Raphael Arlitt (Germany)
Jochen Bard (Germany)
Paul Brewster (Ireland)
Jonathan Colby (US)
Thomas Krogh (Denmark)
Joe MacEnri (Ireland)
Jarlath McEntee (USA)
Amable López Piniero (Spain)
Bill Rawlings (Canada)
Edward Richards (UK)
Russell Stothers (Canada)
Jeremy Thake (UK)
Atsuhiko Umeda (Japan)
Toshiro Wada (Japan)
Changjo Yang (Korea)

Status Update
The final Committee Draft (CD) was accepted via voting in September 2012 and comments have been addressed. The draft TS was submitted to the British Standards Institute (BSI) in January 2013 for final edits and publication.

Target date
June 2013 – TS publication

Issues: N/A

Upcoming activities
Maintenance of TS