Wave Energy Converters Performance – site #2

Project Team (PT): PT62600-102/Wave Energy Converter Power Performance Assessment at a Second Location Using Measured Assessment Data

Objective: To provide a technical specification (TS) on the power performance of a secondary electricity producing wave energy converter (WEC) at a second location based on measured power performance on a primary WEC at a primary location.


  • specify a methodology for calculating the mean annual energy production at a second site taking into account the degree of similarity between the primary measured WEC and its hydrodynamic environment to the secondary WEC and secondary location
  • provide a method on how to assess the uncertainty of the mean annual power production calculated for the primary and secondary location
  • specify how additional numerical or experimental data can be utilized to validate the assessment.

Project Leader
Kim Nielsen (Denmark)

Scott Beatty (Canada)

Joannes Berque (Spain)
Clayton Hiles (Canada)

Yasutaka Imai (Japan)
Yukio Kamizuru (Germany)
Youngpyo Kim (Korea)
Jens-Peter Kofoed (Denmark)
Tony Lewis (Ireland)
Kelley Ruehl (USA)

Karl C. Strømsem (Norway)
David Tietje (USA)

Canadian Shadow Committee Member:
Helen Bailey (Canada)

Current Status
Finalizing Committee Draft (CD)

Target Dates
1st Committee Draft (CD) April, 2015

How to properly/satisfactorily estimate uncertainty/variability in the MAEP estimate for site 2.