Wave Energy Resources

Ad-Hoc Group (AHG) #5 – Assessment of information received on IEC TS 62600-101 Wave energy resource assessment and characterization

Objective: This Technical Specification (TS) will establish a system for estimating, analysing and reporting the wave energy resource at sites potentially suitable for the installation of Wave Energy Converters (WECs). The TS may be applied at all stages of site assessment (from initial investigations through to detailed design) and, in conjunction with the IEC TS on Wave Energy Converters performance (TC114 PT62600-100), should enable an estimate of the annual energy production of a WEC or WEC array to be calculated. It is not intended that this TS be used to estimate extreme wave conditions, although many of the procedures detailed may be suitable for this purpose.

Scope: The framework and methodologies to be prescribed in this TS are intended to ensure that only adequate models are used, and that they are applied in an appropriate manner so that one can have confidence in the results. Moreover, the document will prescribe methods for analysing metocean data (including the data generated by modelling) in order to properly quantify and characterize the scale and attributes of the wave energy resource, and for reporting the results of a resource assessment in a comprehensive and consistent fashion. The following outputs are currently expected:

1) Specifications concerning wave measurement

2) Quantification of uncertainty

3) Specific terms and definitions

4) Special considerations for near shore zones

5) Inclusion of a measure-correlate-predict methodology for in-filling data gaps

6) Specification of suitable boundary conditions for modelling

7) Spatial extent of model validation

Project Team Leader
Matt Folley (UK)

Pukha Lenee-Bluhm (USA)
Andrew Cornett (Canada)
Gregory Dudziak (UK)
Jamie Grimwade (UK)
Brian Holmes (Ireland)
Justus Kellner (Denmark)
Youngpyo Kim (Korea)
Young Ho Lee (Korea)
Pedro Liria (Spain)
Shuichi Nagata (Japan)
Shigeo Takahashi (Japan)

Current Status
The current draft TS (62600-101-v4) was approved (with some comments) by 100% (12/12) of voting member countries in January 2015. Some corrections to address these comments have been made.  

Target Date
The TS will be published by the IEC sometime in 2015