Wave Energy Converters Performance

Ad Hoc Group 3 (AHG3): Assessment of information received on IEC TS 62600-100, Power performance assessment of electricity producing wave energy converters

Objective: To collect and assess informations from stakeholders on the published technical specification (TS) on the power performance assessment of electricity producing Wave Energy Converters (WEC).

Scope: The technical specification provides a systematic method which includes:

  • measurement of WEC power output in a range of sea states
  • WEC power matrix development
  • an agreed framework for the reporting of the results of the power and wave measurements

Scott Beatty (Canada)

Joannes Berque (Spain)

Youngpyo Kim (Korea)
Jens-Peter Kofoed (Denmark)
Shuichi Nagata (Japan)
James Tedd (Ireland)
David Tietje (US)

Current Status
August 2012 – Draft Technical Specification (TS) Published in 2012.

Document is available here: (http://webstore.iec.ch/webstore/webstore.nsf/artnum/046847!opendocument)

Currently engaging all stakeholders to provide feedback on their use of the methodology.

Target Dates
Stability date for document updates to be implemented is 2017. The group will convene late 2016 to assess all of the information received and begin to edit and update the Technical Specification.