Power Quality

Project Team (PT): PT 62600-30 Electrical Power Quality Requirements for Wave, Tidal and Other Water Current Energy Systems

Objective: This TS aims at establishing the measurement methods, application techniques and result-interpretation guidelines associated with power quality issues of both grid connected and off-grid marine wave, tidal and other water current converter-based power systems.

Scope: The scope of this Technical Specification (TS) covers power quality issues/parameters (non-device specific and non-prescriptive) of single/three-phase, grid-connected/off-grid (including micro-mini grid) marine wave, tidal and other water current converter-based power systems. In addition to containing the associated definitions, normative references, symbols & units, forms, annexes, as well as other supporting material, the TS will identify characteristic parameters; develop measurement procedures and methods of assessment as well as device modeling to analyze power quality impacts.

Project Leader

Mohamed El-Hawary (Canada)

Sara Armstrong (US)
Luis Fernandez Beites (Spain)
Anne Blavette (Ireland)
Nicholas Jenkins (UK)
Youngpyo Kim (Korea)
Marcos Lafoz Pastor (Spain)

Maider Santos Múgica (Spain)
Yoshiki Nakazawa (Japan)
Thomas G Proios (US)
Ghanashyam Ranjitkar (Canada)
John G. Schaad (USA)
Fergus Sharkey (Ireland)
Zhongfu Zhou (UK)

Canadian Shadow Committee
Helen Bailey
Walid Morsi
Ghanashyam Ranjitkar
Bryson Richardso
wilsun Xun


Current Status
This proposed work item was formally accepted as a PT TS development in late 2012. A preliminary outline and draft sections are being prepared.

Target Date
• First draft document late 2013
• First Committee Draft (CD) in mid 2014

None to date

Upcoming scheduled activities:
Face to face meeting in May 2013