Mooring Systems

Ad-Hoc Group (AHG) #6 Assessment of information received on IEC TS 62600-10 Assessment of mooring system for marine energy converters

Objective: To draft a Technical Specification (TS) for Marine Energy Mooring Systems

There are several mooring design standards currently available by a variety of different bodies. However, these standards apply to floating platforms that do not necessary consider the specific needs of marine energy systems. Inappropriately utilizing these existing standards may hamper the ability of the marine energy system to capture power or take in to account different operational modes that significantly change the dynamics of the system.

This technical specification will help to ensure robust and consistent mooring designs will be produced regardless of the type of marine energy system of consideration.

Scope: This technical specification will define specific terms, considerations, and processes that guide the design of mooring systems for marine energy systems. 

The new mooring standard will draw upon existing standards as well as expertise in mooring systems analysis and design in order to ensure that IEC/TC114 contains a technical standard that will facilitate reliable and consistent mooring structures for marine energy systems.

Ryan Nicoll (Canada)

Paul Brewster (Ireland)
Harkjin Eum (Korea)
Richard Grant (Canada)
Lars Johanning (UK)
Gennine Karrsten (US)
Youngpyo Kim (Korea)
Mann-Eung Kim (Korea)
Byung-Young Moon (Korea)
Jinho Park (Korea)
Yves Picart (France)
Raúl Rodríguez Arias (Spain)
John T. Shelton (US)
Wanan Sheng (Ireland)
Martin Jakup Sterndorff (Denmark)
Ken Takagi (Japan)
Yage You (China)

Canadian Shadow Committee
Clayton Bear
Joe Fitzharris
Adam Matthews
Wayne Rama-Nair

Current Status
Draft TS approved November 2014 and submitted to IEC for publication

Target Date
TS publication May 2015

Issues: No major issues to date

Upcoming Activities
TS publication & period updating