Maintenance Team (MT) 62600-2/Design Requirements

Objective: This technical specification is intended to define requirements for subsystems of WECs such as control and protection mechanisms, internal electrical systems, mechanical systems and mooring systems only as they pertain to the structural viability of the device in an open water site under predefined external environmental conditions in order to provides an appropriate level of protection against damage from all hazards that may lead to failure of the primary structure (e.g. the collective system comprising the structural body, foundation, mooring and anchors, piles, device buoyancy, and attachments.) 

Scope: The TS will deal with wave, tidal and other water current converters of all sizes, and to structures that are either floating or fixed to the bottom or shore. This will includes:

  • Definition of site-specific conditions
  • Design classification guidelines for site severity
  • Safety factors for critical structures and structural interfaces
  • Definition of all external load cases (including definition of extreme load magnitude, duration, and frequency)
  • Failure probability and failure consequences for critical structures and structural interfaces (overall risk assessment)
  • Failsafe design practices (demonstration of adequate redundancy) 

The TS will not cover the impacts of devices on the physical or biological environment (unless noted by exception).  Furthermore, the TS shall not cover the functionality of the devices in terms of energy production, maintainability, personnel access, ergonomic safety, or other operational issues as these important matters will be covered in detail in companion IEC standards or technical specifications that have or are being developed for WECs.

Robert Paasch (US)

Ray Alcorn (Ireland)

Kimon Argyriadis (Denmark)
Madasamy Arockiasamy (US)
Frank Biskup (Germany)
Gouri Shankar Bhuyan (Canada)

Peter Davies (UK)
Mohamed El-Hawary (Canada)
Harkjin Eum (Korea)

John Fitzgerald (Ireland)
Peter Frigaard (Denmark)
Eric Greene (US)
Philipp Gujer (Denmark)
John Imamura (Spain)
Shunji Inoue (Japan)

Andrew Jones (UK)
Youngpyo Kim (Korea)
Miguel Martínez Lavín (Spain)

Sue Molloy (Canada)
Stéphane Paboeuf (France)

Richard Williams (US)

Canadian Shadow Committee
Clayton Bear
Ricardo Foschi
Richard Grant
Pierre Sullivan

Current Status
All sections for a committee draft (CD)  has been completed

Target Dates
Receiving comments  on the first CD by October 2015

No major issues – nearing completion

Upcoming Activities
Committee meeting in November, 2015