Marine Energy Terminology

Maintenance Team (MT): MT 62600-1/Terminology

Objective: To maintain IEC 62600-1 TS, Marine energy – Wave, tidal and other water current converters – Part 1: Terminology.

This technical specification defines terms related to the marine energy converters. It provides uniform terminology in the form definitions related to wave, tidal and other water current energy converters and is intended as a resource for the Working Groups and users of the IEC/ TC114 series of marine energy standards. This standard also gives guidelines for the correct terminology to use when establishing standards for the marine energy industry for wave, tidal and other water current converters. It was published December 2011. The maintenance team (MT) is charged with periodic updating of the TS.

Mohamed E. El-Hawary (Canada)

Philip Beauchamp (US)
Peter Frigaard (Denmark)
Jamie Grimwade (UK)
Sebastian Hook (Germany)
Youngpyo Kim (Korea)
Tony Lewis (Ireland)
Ghanashyam Ranjitkar (Canada)
Candace Sellar (Canada)
Emil David Tietje, III (US)

Liaison: David Ingram (Equimar)

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